Constitution of Enniskillen Town United F.C

1. The Club shall be known as Enniskillen Town United F.C.

2. (i) The sole management of the Club shall be vested in  Committee consisting of six office bearers and a maximum of nine other members to be selected at an Annual General Meeting to be held not later than the first Saturday in July – then to form a quorum. Only paid-up members shall be eligible to attend at the Annual General Meeting. At least fourteen days notice in writing of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to each Member.
(ii) Committee Meetings shall be held at least once a month – three plus a chairman to form a quorum.
(iii) Any committee member who absents himself from three consecutive meetings shall lose his place on the Committee unless satisfactory reason is given for such absence.
(iv) The committee shall have the power to co-opt further Members at its discretion.
(v) The committee shall have the power to set up sub-committees as it considers necessary. The members of such sub-committees need not be members of the main committee.
(vi) Only paid up members shall be eligible to vote at all meetings.

3. The Committee shall administer the business affairs of the Club and the property under its control and shall have all such administrative power as may be necessary for the proper management of the club.

4. The Committee shall have the power to caution, suspend of expel any member whose conduct is, in the opinion of the Committee, injurious to the character and interests of the Club. Any member cautioned, suspended or expelled shall have the right  of personal appeal – all appeals must be forwarded, in writing, to the Secretary within five days after notification of caution, suspension or expulsion being given.

5. Membership of the Club shall be as follows: Senior Playing Member – £5.00 per annum; Junior Playing Member – £1.00 per annum; Non-playing member – £2.00 per annum. All membership fees shall be due before 1st October each season. Any member whose subscription is unpaid by 1st October, in any year, may forfeit all privileges of Membership but his liability shall nevertheless continue.

6. All players shall turn up for matches at the appointed time and place unless incapacitated by sickness or injury or unless they can give a reason which the Club Management shall consider satisfactory.

7. Senior Playing Members, including substitutes, shall pay £2.00 and Junior Playing members shall pay £1.00 at each game. Any player continually failing to pay shall be dealt with by the Committee.

8. The chairman shall be entitled to vote on any resolution and in the event of equality of votes being recorded shall have a second or casting vote.

9. The Secretary shall keep a minutes book, in which he shall enter a record of the proceedings of meetings, and such record, when signed by the Chairman of the Meeting, shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the matter contained therein. The Secretary shall inform the Committee of all matters pertaining to the Club.

10. The Treasurer shall keep a record of all the finances of the Club – the Books to be available at all times for the Committee’s inspection. The Books shall be brought to a balance as on 31st May each year. The chairman of the club shall act as honorary auditor.

11. No member shall take away from the club any article belonging to or hired by the club without the consent of the Committee.

12. (i) The Team Managements  shall be appointed by the Committee
(ii) The Team Captains shall be appointed by the Team Managers

13. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened by the Secretary when directed by the Committee or on receiving a requisition signed by at least ten paid up members of the club.

14. The Constitution of the Club can only be altered or added to at an Annual General Meeting – a Notice of Motion to be sent in writing to the Secretary on or before 30th April each year. The Secretary shall inform all Members of the proposed alteration or addition at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting.